We developed a spray on chrome system. Term lasts five years. Our business grew slowly. With little capital but steady. They have to grow with the customer. Large customers, small customers. We do not discriminate. We hope You will grow with us! :) Or you can easy connect to me www.thailandchrome.com Thank you for visiting.

Example for my job on the car (Toyota celica 1993) by spray on chrome



Example old helmate to new design helmate by use spray on chrome

helmate for Spray on chrome step stanby to spray on chrome frist design spray on chrome secound design spray on chrome 

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    How to do spray on chrome
    - Spray the Basecoat(enamel type). Spray the this item on you parts 2-3 round and await 24 hour to dry. or you can use Clear TopCoat or Uretane but Activator will differcut to made water film. you can find all Basecoat(enamel),TopCoat,Uretane in your paint shop can do too.
    - Spray SC solution for clean any oil on the surface and made water flim. and next time spray AC solution on it. (This tip.. it can made to fast water flim). after that spray DI water. - Spray the activator Solution. (same time Activator not made water flim. please spray Activator and await 5-10 sec. and spray again. because the activator want time for stick to made water flim). if your parts all cover by the water flim complete next time... clean by the little DI-water all.
    - Spray KC Solution on your parts and Cleaning by Distilled Water. (KC is Option Solution *remove White stains*)
    ***This Step-by-Step for Spray the A&R solution***
    - Spray the A&R solution until show black in gold on surface and STOP.
    - Spray DI Water for Clean.
    - Spray the A&R again until show gold in chrome brighting on surface and STOP.
    - Spray DI Water for Clean.
    - Spray A&R again until show chrome mirror on surface and STOP.
    - Spray DI Water for Clean.
    - Respray A&R again for up layer chrome mirror.
    - Spray DI Water for Clean.
    - Spray PD solution for made water drop. (PD is Option Solution *antioxidate*)
    - AirBlow Until the chrome mirror to Dry. and await 10-30 min to next step.
    - Spray SELLER solution and await 10-30 min to next step. (SELLER is Option Solution *Glue chrome-topcoat*)
    - Spreay the 2in1 Base/Top 2 round for kill yellow glowing. or your 2k Top Coat and mix Master Color for your want. such as... Gold, pinkgold,..etc).
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